Culture and Fashion Dissertation Topics

There is an unbreakable link between culture and fashion as both carry out various aspects of each other. To be clear, the connection between the two is dynamic and intrinsic to a greater extent. We can define the relationship between the two because different cultures have unique or other sets of clothes they perceive are the best for them. Therefore, it is vital to understand the best ideas that reflect a close link between the two when writing about culture and fashion dissertation topics. We have highlighted some of the fashion and culture topics perfect for your dissertation. Check them out.

Clothing, Leisure, and Place

  • The infiltration of sportswear into the contemporary market
  • The goodness of representation in branding and labeling
  • The strengths of marketing in the modern field of fashion
  • Usage of alternative materials in clubbers’ clothes
  • Presentation of ideas through colors
  • Understanding the history of fur in the fashion field
  • Tradition and stigmas in the wearables for hunting
  • The reflection of productions of Shakespeare in the contemporary fashion trends
  • Transfer of costumes from books to screens
  • The hat history
  • Ascot, witches, and magicians in imagination and hats
  • The division between urban and rural fashions
  • Tails, rings, and wigs as past power symbols    
  • Suits and tuxedo clothing and their importance
  • Swimwear concerning fashion and water
  • The history of the ball gown
  • The historical change of UK uniforms in the last century
  • How celebrities influence the fashion industry
  • The uses of the heel

Children’s clothing

  • The importance of fairy tales about fashionable imaginations
  • The promiscuity revolving around children’s clothing
  • The use of symbolism and representation in the fashion industry
  • Fashion and creativity in children about Halloween
  • Fashion in babies and after-war cultures
  • Impact of fashion advertisements on children  
  • Usage of symbols and emblems in the fashion field
  • The relationship between color and fashion
  • The history of the motif in the fashion of children
  • Skateboard culture in children’s fashion
  • The steady decline of dress in the fashion of girls
  • Creative imagination
  • The necessity of gender-neutral clothing in children
  • Stereotyping based on gender in children’s fashion
  • The role of children’s fashion in reflecting social morals

Sex, body, and presentation

  • The source of power dressing
  • Gender representation in the fashion sector
  • Analyzation of the implication of body art and piercing
  • The position of fetish wears in a general fashion
  • Acceptable dressing codes based on religion and fashions
  • The need for hair and makeup
  • Usage of models and mannequins
  • The essence of presentations
  • Media image on sex, body, and gender  
  • Understanding the clothing representations on power, ambition, and status
  • Understanding the link between nudists and fashion
  • The modes of dressing for nuns and monks
  • The extent to which style is about looking good naked
  • The influence of transgender models on popular fashion designs
  • Reflecting the obesity epidemic about plus-size fashion
  • The future of gender-neutral clothing

Material and designs

  • Undergarment history
  • Uses and connotations of PVC
  • The link between human-made textiles and fashion
  • The influence of the wool trade to western fashion
  • The history and essence of the bodice
  • The maxi and mini-skirt eras
  • Wearables for public service and their impact on health and safety as well as enhancing changing gender roles
  • Changing usage of necessary materials
  • The history and use of wool
  • The history of nylon and its importance in the past century
  • Production of cotton and hemp
  • The position of natural fabrics in terms of popularity and morality
  • Reasons why some women and men love shoes


The above are some of the major topics you can explore in the culture and fashion niche when writing dissertations.


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