Dissertation Subjects on Construction Management

The building and construction industry proves a rapidly growing sector. As such, demand for courses related to this profession continues to grow. Students undertaking a course in construction management have to write a dissertation in their final year of study to qualify for the course. It also includes students in quantity survey and the built environment. 

With the significance of such a dissertation weighing highly on students and their ability to qualify, it becomes necessary to not only understand how to write it, but write it perfectly. A student has to know how to first pick a subject before understanding the process of writing the paper properly. For this reason, it’s crucial to check available sources that offer dissertation services that include guidelines and examples of construction management dissertations. Further, you can even get topic ideas for your dissertation requirements when it comes to construction management.  

Construction management subjects for a potential dissertation can cover aspects such as data collection, methodology, research planning besides writing and structuring of the dissertation. Further, you can get useful tips on specific resources online, which can entail guidance when it comes to research formulation, the methodologies, and construction methods. It can also extend to the coverage of qualitative and quantitative research, which includes research ethics.

The dissertations can discuss methods used for engineering and scientific research, simulations, and model building, besides methods used in researching areas of management, economic and social issues that relate to the sphere of construction. Such methods prove useful for students when designing and developing their dissertations in construction management. Further, a student can also appreciate whatever needs to get evaluated so that they can devise the structure of a dissertation. It, therefore, requires you to not assume these factors but instead take them seriously.

Importance of Construction Dissertation Examples

Such a dissertation will assist you in the problem-solving phase, adding value to quantity survey, construction, civil engineering, and architecture students who research all levels, either at postgraduate or undergraduate levels.

Examples of Construction Dissertation

The following represent a section of the construction management and building study areas where you can derive a unique dissertation topic to help you qualify in your construction or quantity survey degree.

  • Complications involved in the implementation of lean construction 
  • Adoption and the implementation of photovoltaics
  • Use of solar dependent thermal energy within the United Kingdom
  • The labor shortage situation within the construction industry in the United Kingdom and its effects
  • A time-conscious and effective solution on timber-framed housing

Selecting a Dissertation Topic on Construction Management

The ability to integrate your theoretical knowledge and practical expertise proves the key to picking and transforming a subject into an excellent end product in terms of a dissertation paper. It, however, follows your ability to pick a suitable topic for your dissertation. Further, remember to choose a subject that genuinely interests you, and you can acquire the resources to actualize it.


Writing a dissertation on construction management can prove challenging, ranging from the difficult task of picking a subject, researching, and implementing the idea, besides developing the write-up. But with the outlined guidelines, you will find the process less strenuous since you will have gained valuable insights into researching and writing an excellent dissertation. 


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